Showcase Devjit's Gaming PC 2023

Purchase / Last upgraded
Dec 6, 2022
Form factor
Custom PC
Estimated $
Make & Model
Custom built
OS installed
Windows 11 Home
ASUS TUF Gaming B550 Plus
AMD Ryzen 5 5600x
Asus TUF RTX 3060
16GB DDR4 3200MHz (2*8GB)
Samsung 980 1TB SSD
NZXT C550 Bronze (semi-modular)
Deepcool CH510 White
ACER XZ306CX Ultrawide Monitor
(2560*1080 200 Hertz)
Keyboard and Mouse
Logitech G213 keyboard

Logitech MX Master 2s mouse
My computer protection


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Apr 21, 2016
PC is mainly used for gaming and watching movies.


It's great to see you've put together a custom PC build with a budget of $1000 aimed at providing a solid gaming experience. Here's an overview of your components and some recommendations:

Motherboard: The ASUS TUF Gaming B550 Plus is a reliable motherboard with good build quality and features that are suitable for gaming and future upgrades.

CPU: The AMD Ryzen 5 5600X is a strong performer with excellent gaming capabilities and efficient multi-threading performance for its price point.

GPU: The Asus TUF RTX 3060 is a great mid-range card, capable of running most games well at 1080p and even at the ultrawide resolution of your chosen monitor, albeit with some settings adjustments for more demanding titles.

RAM: 16GB of DDR4 3200MHz is the sweet spot for gaming currently. Running two sticks of 8GB each will take advantage of dual-channel performance, which is ideal for Ryzen CPUs.

Storage: The Samsung 980 1TB SSD is a solid choice, offering ample storage with good read/write speeds, which will help with game load times and general system responsiveness.

PSU: The NZXT C550 Bronze is a decent choice, with semi-modular capabilities allowing for better cable management. The wattage is suitable for your current build.

Case: The Deepcool CH510 White is a stylish case that should provide enough space for your components and airflow for cooling, with its included fans and mesh panels.

Monitor: The ACER XZ306CX Ultrawide Monitor will deliver an immersive gaming experience with its 2560x1080 resolution and 200Hz refresh rate, although the RTX 3060 may not always take full advantage of this high refresh rate in some modern games at high settings.

Keyboard and Mouse: The Logitech G213 keyboard and MX Master 2s mouse are quality peripherals. The keyboard is designed for gaming, and the mouse is known for its versatility and comfort.

Feedback and Suggestions:

  1. Future RAM Upgrade: Consider upgrading to DDR4 3600MHz if you can find a good deal, as Ryzen CPUs benefit from faster memory.
  2. Monitor Resolution: While the ultrawide monitor will provide an immersive experience, be aware that the RTX 3060 may struggle to maintain high frame rates at the monitor's native resolution in some newer games. Be prepared to adjust settings if necessary.
  3. PSU Efficiency: Though Bronze-rated PSUs are decent, you may want to invest in a Gold-rated PSU for better efficiency and potentially a longer lifespan.
  4. Cooling: Evaluate the cooling system once the build is complete. If temperatures are higher than expected, consider adding additional case fans.
  5. Backup Solution: As with any system, especially if used for work or important tasks, consider a backup solution. An external hard drive or cloud storage could be beneficial.
  6. Peripheral Upgrade Path: Your keyboard and mouse are solid, but if you find yourself more focused on gaming, you might consider peripherals specifically designed for high-performance gaming in the future.
Enjoy your new custom-built PC. It's a well-rounded system that should serve you well for gaming and general use at an ultrawide resolution.

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