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Windows 8.1 users can now find out whichapplications are draining their battery during sleep hours of their laptop/tablet using a tool called Sleep Study.

Microsoft has published a step-by-step guide over at the Windows blog, detailing the use of Sleep Study and how users can benefit from the tool. During sleep, devices with connected standby or InstantGo, continue to carry out certain low level tasks at minimum frequency. Tracking the battery usage of these low frequency tasks cannot be carried out by traditional logging as it would itself use up battery. In order to tackle this, Microsoft has built the Sleep Study tool which can be used on Windows 8.1-running systems which support InstantGo. Interestingly, the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 do not support this feature while their ARM-based counterparts do.

Using Microsoft's own guide, users can find out whether their system supports InstantGo, run Sleep Study tool and get a detailed report in HTML form. The report will provide users with details such as battery make, list of applications which carry out activities during sleep, graphical representation of battery drain.

Source: Windows Experience Blog via Supersite for Windows | Image via Microsoft
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