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Hey, im getting a new Gaming PC (buying part by part). And i want to know if theres any difference between:
Asus Z370-PRO gaming TUF and ASUS TUF H310M-Plus Gaming

The first cost twice the 2nd MoBo. And i want to know if it worth it.

I read a lot (opinions and the official description), but i still dont know how to compare MoBos...

EDIT: The processor is a I5-8400 and the ram is 2x8gb Corsair Vengance DDR4 3000.
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Look at the specs for both. The biggest difference right off the bat is the H310M is a Micro-ATX board. It is much smaller and therefore supports fewer drives, USB ports and expansion cards.
TUF Z370-PRO gaming motherboard is supported for DDR4 4000MHz RAM speed, Intel Optane memory ready, and USB 3.1 Gen 2. It has turbo M.2 with speeds up to 32/Gbps32. While, the TUF H310M-PLUS gaming motherboard is also supported for DDR4 2666MHz RAM speed rate, Aura Sync RGB LED lighting, and has M.2 with speed up to 20Gbps
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So in terms of perfomance im not going to see a big difference... In my country the 1st is U$D205 and the other U$D100... And i dont think it worth it, if im not wrong...


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It depends on your requirements. There is no right or wrong so if the cheap one fits what you need then buy that.

Check the specification pages really well.
I read both description in the official page, but still i dont know. I want to have the best Gaming PC possible... For that i dont know if its worth to spend U$D100 more.


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If you want it to last long and you don't upgrade every 2 years or something go with the expensive one. It has a lot more upgrade capabilities and features and quality wise it will probably be also slightly better.
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A guy at work I know built a gaming rig the same time I did. He spent over twice as much as I did on his motherboard. His was ASUS, mine was MSI. After building them the benchmarks were nearly identical. But he claimed his had better components and would last longer, but really - it's a motherboard, if it doesn't die during the initial 48 hour burn-in run-time it's probably going to last a decade or more.

I've NEVER seen the wisdom in overspending on fancy motherboards as long as the components of what you get are decent, it supports the CPU/RAM you need, maybe some room to grow with expansions.. Then you are fine, put that coin elsewhere (like in the GPU).

PS: Go AMD on CPU and Nvidia on GPU. Intel is cancerous.


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@Elpibe If you want to overclock a intel K (or X) cpu (like 7700K or so) you need a Z-mainboard ( not 100% sure if you could do it any other way but the z-boards are the easy promoted way). The none Z-mainboards (like the H you posted ) are cheaper and for people who don't own/buy a K (X) cpu and dont wanna overclock.
Just found out that X (like 7940X) cpu exist today so better recheck that part
A dedicated gaming/hardware forum may be a better place if your pc should be for gaming and not just "working on it".
For any english hardwareforum i got no clue sadly since it not my language :D

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