On the latest PC Advisor magazine, the DVD came with some programs and one of them is the Diskeeper Professional 2011.

I used only Diskeeper 2009 and I think 2010.

Any user here have tried 2011 version? Its a 3 month full version.


A quick search on top paid defrags, Diskeeper and PerfectDisk are always shown.

From what I read, similar functions are available on PerfectDisk.

Guess I will have to take it for a spin.

Will keep you guys posted.


Released - Diskeeper 2011 new builds

To the users who do use Diskeeper 2011, please note that a new version was released about a day ago. Unfortunately as I no longer use this product, I might not post the update straight away.

Current available version: Diskeeper 2011 15.0.966.0

Change log: was only able to gather that they have Improved SSD detection in the latest build.

A quick overview of this Defrag tool can be found here:

Diskeeper 2011 Home

Designed to increase the speed and reliability of home and home office PCs and laptops.
Instant Defrag™ Technology
IntelliWrite® Fragmentation Prevention
No Waiting. No Scheduling. No Hassle.
Speeds Up PCs Automatically
Diskeeper 2011 Professional

Designed to optimize PC performance and efficiency while maximizing file access speeds.
Instant Defrag Technology
IntelliWrite Fragmentation Prevention
I-FAAST® File Optimization
Efficient Mode
Optimizes PC Performance
Diskeeper 2011 Pro Premier

Designed for power users with high-performance PCs and laptops. Capable of defragmenting unlimited disk sizes.
Instant Defrag Technology
IntelliWrite Fragmentation Prevention
Terabyte Volume Engine® Technology
I-FAAST File Optimization
Efficient Mode
Maximizes PC Speed and Reliability
Diskeeper 2011 HomeServer

Designed to keep your Windows® Home Server (WHS) running at peak speed and reliability no matter how busy it is.
Instant Defrag Technology
IntelliWrite Fragmentation Prevention
Terabyte Volume Engine Technology
Efficient Mode
Complete WHS Integration
Fast Streaming Media Performance


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Yeah, so try MyDefrag - BEST defragmenter AND optimizer, like me, topic here: http://malwaretips.com/Thread-MyDefrag-disk-defragmenter-and-optimizer

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