Technology Display Maker Boasts Record-Breaking One Million Nits Red MicroLEDs


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Aug 17, 2014
Jade Bird Display (JBD) has announced that it has developed a red MicroLED that can deliver in excess of 1,000,000 nits of brightness. The firm says its achievement is record-breaking, and will be important to the development of full-color AR, smart glasses, and micro projector device development.

Until this point in time, red MicroLEDs had been the ‘weak link’ in JBD’s Hummingbird full-color light engine devices for AR solutions. It achieved a red MicroLED brightness of 300,000 nits in 2021, over 500,000 nits in 2022, and in Feb 2023 reached 750,000 nits. Now capable of 1,000,000 nits, the red MicroLED brightness is equal to the best blue MicroLEDs, but still below green MicroLED brightness with 5,000,000 nits. Nevertheless, the new red MicroLEDs enable the tiny 0.4cc and 1 gram JBD Hummingbird projector to output up to 5 lumens while consuming just 200 mW. Used with optical waveguide lenses, this 640 x 480 pixel projected color display can achieve an eye-level brightness in excess of 1,000 nits.

In its press release, JBD says that (low) red MicroLED light brightness had been “the most difficult challenge facing the MicroLED industry.” The firm pats itself on the back for passing the 1M nits milestone and provides some insight into how it has managed this feat.

According to the Chinese MicroLED maker, a decision to use and persist with aluminum gallium indium phosphide (AlGaInP) technology for its red MicroLEDs has paid off. “AlGaInP is the key to achieving high-performance red light,” says JBD. “It has a bandgap that best matches red light and is the most mature semiconductor material used in the industry for making red LEDs.” Additionally, JBD’s work on multiple supporting technologies like crystal epitaxy and chip passivation is claimed to have been instrumental in the advance in brightness levels delivered.

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