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Yes, Microsoft Security Essentials is very good antivirus.

If your computer is slow, I cannot help you, today Antivirus products use much more resources, so it is the cause of slowness.


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I ran DelFix (log file attached). I am trying to install Charter Security Suite whch is offered by my internet provider but I am unable to download the files to install it. The customer service person at Charter told me something is blocking the downloading of the files and he suspects it is possibly an anti virus/anti malware program that is still on the computer. I have checked the list of software on the computer several times and I don't see anything that looks like an antivirus/anti malware program. Do you have any suggestions how I can identify what is blocking the download? Thanks again for your help!



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Hi ive got the com surrogate issue as well. I did every step you mentioned in this thread but it didn't fixed my issue and I would like some assistance as well. Feel free to ask me any logs necessary ty

My system is
Toshiba satellite
Windows 8 64-bit
Amd6 Quad-core 2ghz
6gb installed memory
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