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I am using Norton Security Deluxe again. I like the performance it gives. The only thing I change, is:

Turn Off:

- Report Card
- Special Offers

Anyone change anything else? Just curious.
Make sure auto renewal is turned off in your Norton Central account.


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Make sure auto renewal is turned off in your Norton Central account.
AdvIntel admitted they did not have any evidence to back up the claim that Symantec was included. Only that the hackers said they had.


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In summary it is impossible to know who is telling the truth, hackers or AV companies ? :emoji_thinking:
In general.... perhaps.

In this case, the data indicated that what was stolen was just test data -- not actual real-world information. The test data included no real code nor customers.

The alleged breach is not a concern.

The potential sale to Broadcom is a concern.

When Broadcom purchased CA, there were layoffs, reductions in R&D, and other things done to make all the CA products a little worse.

Computer Associates (CA) is where PestPatrol AntiSpyware went to die eons ago...


Probably the same thing would happen to Norton. The financial press assumes that the same thing would happen.




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Hi anyone know if there is a setting in firewall of norton to get alerts of programs connecting to internet, i'd like to block when possible without going through settings? Thks
Not sure if this helps. You can turn Automatic Program Control = Off. Norton will get chatty for awhile and you'll decide what traffic is trustworthy.
Norton recommends Automatic Program Control = On