Security software licensing?

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In my case, free products are already fine as it can create good long term investment, cause the protection can match up from proprietary ones.

Although I'm using WD since my task are more align on school works rather malware testing.


Well in such perspective, people will go more on lifetime license instead since it's a worth and better investment at all.

Programs like Sandboxie and Shadow Defender were definitely a must tool for business enterprise including users that have high level of risk in browsing.


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Since I like to be paid for what I do, I pay my software developers as well. I hope this doesn't come across harshly, it wasn't meant to sound like a snide remark—I completely respect if somebody uses free alternatives. After all, the respective companies didn't have to offer them if they didn't want to.

I think that funding development goes a long way towards the developers' interest in keeping the product around and improving it. Also, I want support if things go south. None of which I can demand or expect if I don't pay for it in the first place I reckon.

I rarely pay full price for my software. I find great deals on eBay or buy when they have Black friday/Cyber Monday/XMAS specials.

I don't think you get the same protection with free software vs paid. You also have to worry about companies selling your data.

Security and Privacy are two things I will always pay good money for.