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New security companies like to advertise themselves as being the only one that have machine-learning and "next-gen" antiviruses. But, the truth is, if you go with one of the major antivirus companies, you will get machine-learning
a) through cloud analysis (server side)
b) through on-host (client side) heuristics/behavioral analysis
c) through updates to their engines that they trained on site

Follow the news on sites like MT and pay attention to antivirus/anti-malware that was able to detect recent 0day malware and ransomware right away. They just don't brag about it as much as those startups that think they invented something new.

All major security companies use a combination of signatures, machine-learning, on-host behavioral analysis and cloud analysis to give you the best detection rates so I would never turn off one component unless you are absolutely confident that you don't need it. :)

The Top 5 Myths of Next-Gen Endpoint Protection -
AI and ML have been around for a long, long time. Today the terminology is nothing but a marketing gimmick for so-called "Next Gen" products. It's a "re-branding" marketing scheme to get people to pay a much higher price for old technology. The technology is essentially the same (probably incrementally better), but the scale is much larger.
Exact, only the beginners are excited about it, as if it is a new discovery... :rolleyes:


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Quote from Bitdefender free AV page:

"We make the Internet safe for you. You can be sure all threats
are taken care of when you browse the web. We use advanced
technologies such as machine learning
to protect you from
phishing and other types of fraudulent content."

As many have said here most of the current gen AV's use some sort of machine learning tech to increase zero day detection capability as much as possible ;)