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..".We tested all 286 VPNs out there and found that 50 are sharing data with Facebook. Our research process involved individual checks for traces of the so-called “Facebook pixel” on each VPN’s website. The tests revealed a troubling tendency: a total of 50 VPN services make use of the Facebook remarketing pixel on their respective website."

Report: 50 VPNs share data on their users with Facebook | vpnMentor


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Some interesting names amongst the fifty. Highly touted (by some here anyway) CyberGhost only removed the pixel after they'd been outed in the report. Clearly a "We'll share data with Facebook as long as people don't know we're doing it" policy.

Kaspersky and Avira on the list and also one I used to use, Froot VPN.


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If the pixel is one does that mean it communicates with facebook? if so it looks like a bunch removed the pixel after this report. I also use windscribe vpn

Complete test results for facebook pixel
If it has a 1 under pixel, then yes that means according to their test it communicates to Facebook.

Just like everyone else i was happy to see Windscribe not have a 1.
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