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Apr 15, 2017
Hello all,

We are conducting a research project to statically analyse ransomeware binaries, in order to build a defense mechanism. The biggest challenge is downloading large number of binaries in order to effectively test the defense solution.

I found large number of sources that offer you downloading samples, however all of them require you to manually click on each sample and download it, where it will take ages.

-I was wondering if there is any website/script that offers you to download samples in an automated fashion.
- From your experience, can we upload large samples and get their scan result in virus total in an automated fashion?

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1. You can make a "robot" to auto-download all of the samples however only if the service provides you consent to do so, don't do it without explicit consent.

2. VirusTotal API will allow you to legally involve VirusTotal scanning. There's a few products and tools which rely on VirusTotal. However, there are rules which must be followed (e.g. daily upload limit, fair usage of the service, etc.).
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