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Hi, I'm from
North America
Age group
Under 20 years old
Last known PC infection
In the past 12 months
Favourite web browser
Favourite mobile OS
Google Android
Favourite desktop OS
Windows 10
Favourite antivirus
Qihoo 360 TS
Favourite videogame(s)


Level 3
Hello everyone I am simply posting this as a requirement in order to enter the avast giveaway. I am not a super-new member, however I still would consider myself a pretty new user. I specialize in networking etc. I spend most of my time here and in csgo (MG1 :D). I really enjoy malware tips because the community is just stellar, I mean how many forums can you go on the internet and truly say that the majority is filled with people that are truly nice, (Probably not that many) simply put that is why I love this community so much.


Level 37
How do you do, @DoxThis.:) 'Stellar' is a very fitting description for this community, and thank Goodness for the Avast! Giveaway being the simple reason behind your thread o_O because this way I was able to come here, and read how we have in common, '..loving this community because the members are so nice!'; & I am pleased to realize you are among them too!:D
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