Level 61
March 15, 2012

Doctor Web informs users about the release of Dr.Web anti-virus 7.0 beta for Android.

Currently the beta-version is available for free downloading from Android Market and runs under Android 2.1 and later. The updated anti-virus features the improved user interface and the Cloud Checker component. This module uses a cloud technology to scan links opened in a browser. As the user clicks on a link, it is sent automatically to the cloud service which determines whether the target web-site is safe and checks if it falls into an objectionable content category If the address is found in the objectionable or bogus site database, access to the web-page is blocked. In addition, the updated program includes several functional improvements.

Dr.Web 7.0 beta for Android comes with a limited validity key file. In addition to anti-Virus and Cloud Checker modules the application also includes anti-thief and anti-spam components.


Level 73
Malware Hunter
Thanks for the update. Was waiting till some Beta came out from them. Time to test :)