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May 16, 2018
Based on the recommendations of @roger_m, @Telos, and @RodM1956 --- I decided to just go ahead and pay the man and try Driver Easy -- Paid Version.

This impulse and unnecessary purchase is based partially on these two threads.

The need and desirability of driver update software is highly questionable. This topic is covered extensively in other MT threads. My purchase of Driver Easy Pro and this thread does not indicate explicitly nor implicitly that I endorse or encourage you to use driver update software.

For a three device 1-year license, Driver Easy ended up being $23.96 USD -- after I found a readily available coupon online.


It's a nice sign right up front that Driver Easy states explicitly that there is "no auto-renew."

Ok, first run on the first computer. Let's see what we get.


I'm surprised it found that many -- 25. I use Driver Booster free, the Intel driver updater, and the Dell driver updater on this computer. I ran all prior to Driver Easy doing its thing.

I 'sampled' a couple of them to make sure they check out.

Yep, so far, so good.

Did a back-up in case things go awry.

And while I again don't endorse nor encourage updating multiple drivers at once.... here we go. All 25 in the chute...


Ok, I'm at 20 of 25. No explosions yet.

All these new drivers kept Cylance very busy...

Ok, it's reboot time.


Either this will be a glorious victory, or you'll hear me kicking stuff second-guessing my decision to do this.

And here we go...


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Mar 29, 2018
My purchase of Driver Easy Pro and this thread does not indicate explicitly nor implicitly that I endorse or encourage you to use driver update software.

It's good you to make this disclaimer.

All these new drivers kept Cylance very busy...

Ha, ha, ha ... PITA !

Either this will be a glorious victory, or you'll hear me kicking stuff second-guessing my decision to do this

How nice of you to be the sacrificial lamb! Looking forward to your further experience with this. (y)


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May 16, 2018
Ok, Easy-Peasy.

All went well.

I expected possibly a few hiccups...

And in fact, this machine *may" be a little snappier.

That went well.

Good Job Driver Easy.

I'll give Driver Easy Pro a preliminary good score of 4.5 out of 5 Burritos.


Send us a message from the other side :ROFLMAO::love::emoji_pray::emoji_v::sick:

Still Alive..... thanks for checking on me AtlBo.

I could have been in the abyss....

:) :emoji_beer: (y)


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May 16, 2018
Got 1 year key from some promo, and I used this to update some of my drivers, probably replaced Microsoft generic ones too. People say these are snake oils but it made my device perform significantly better. Now it doesn't heat as much. And I did install all drivers I found in Dell's website for my device model beforehand.
***Quoted from different thread***

I believe this happened to me also.

I think there actually is less heat.

That's sorta remarkable.


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Jan 29, 2017
FWIW, I think the free version is sufficient. I'm glad you got a good deal.

Regarding upgrades... I click the "View Details" tab before updating each driver to see if the version change makes sense. If a different vendor is offered as an upgrade (for example, an Logitech driver was offered as an upgrade to a Microsoft driver), I'll decline that unless there is a convincing reason to make the change.


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Feb 1, 2019
I forgot to add...

When I use DE, and it says I have X amount of drivers that need updating, I look at the details first. Then I update the drivers that are 1 year old or more. Anything under 1 year I leave alone.


Because I figure in 12 months time, people in the cloud have had a chance to notify vendors and DE that the driver is bad ETC.


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May 16, 2018
I'm moving my Official Burrito rating of Driver Easy up to 4.75 (out of 5 Burritos).


The updated computer starts faster, runs cooler, and is more snappy.

And this is a relatively new and powerful computer.

So..... quite frankly, I'm surprised by this.

Using the Driver Easy 'Hardware Overview' -- this is the updated computer.


And now, I'll load the 2nd license on a mid-life, mid-power laptop.

And we'll see what happens.


Ok, starting up on my mid-level laptop.

Loaded the 2nd of my 3 licenses, entered the Pro license..

Right away, it's a little disappointing. It only found 9 drivers.

I falsely assumed that an older computer could mean more potential drivers to update.

Maybe Dell Driver Updater & Driver Booster Free was good enough for this computer.


This is the mid-level computer I'm working on now...


At this point, I wish I'd used this 2nd download license on a different computer.

But, it is what it is...

Anyway, 9 Updates in the chute. And here we go...



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May 16, 2018
Yeah, Piece-a-cake.

Driver Easy is very smooth software.

After the reboot, Driver Easy Pro found 3 more drivers.

So loaded 12 drivers very smoothly.

I'll put it on a 3rd computer tomorrow.... if everything goes as well as it has, I may buy another license to cover the additional household computers. I'm a convert.


Note that Driver Booster appears to access and scan a total of 65 drivers on this computer.

Driver Easy Pro apparently accesses and scans 111 drivers -- on the same computer. That is significantly more. It's really not even close.


Yep, I'm all in at this point.

Driver Easy Pro is the real deal.

That stated -- once again -- the use of driver update software is debatable and possibly not recommended. Very smart people advise against it. Many people (including me) have had bad experiences with driver update software. Use caution with this type of software. But if you do use it, use the best product available.


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May 16, 2018

This is a comparison of how many drivers are being looked at by Driver Booster and Driver Easy.

Driver Booster is examining 62 drivers on this particular computer.

Driver Easy is examining 110 drivers on this same computer.

So on this machine, Driver Easy sees and examines 77% more drivers than Driver Booster. That's.... uh.... pretty significant.

Above is another computer example of this same thing.

In these two examples, Driver Booster is lame --- not even checking a large percentage of the computers drivers.

I used to be a fan of Driver Booster --- even knowing that IOBit is scummy.

Now.... not so much.


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Feb 1, 2019
I agree with you about driver update programs, except I make an exception for "Driver Easy"...WHY?

Because there seems to be a desire by Driver Easy, to turn out a professional piece of software.

Also notice the owners statements here and on other forums, and on their website. I trust it and use it 2 yrs running.

NOT a single problem from Driver Easy, can't say the same about any of the others.