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How to activate your software Enter your name and email address. Then click on "Send". You will receive an email with the serial number.
For free software there is no free technical support as well as no updates.
12 HOURS Remaining
Newsletter Aktion – DriverMax


Level 1
Successfully installed and registered to DriverMax Pro status.

DriverMax Pro then performs scan & determines available driver updates, but subsequently refuses to download driver updates, citing this promotional benefit is only available to residents of Germany.

Program's Pro registration remains intact, but Pro-level downloads are blocked.


Level 20
Content Creator
Four hits on VT as a riskware.
You'll get the same (if not more detections) for any driver update software. Despite popular belief, no driver update software comes with or installs malware, but many av vendors consider driver updaters and other cleaners and systen utilities as PUPs these days. Also, driver update software and other PUPs are often wrongly detected as trojans or other forms of malware.

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