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Apr 7, 2016


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Aug 2, 2020
I am rejected by vein authentication of bank card. It is due to the rough skin.o_O🤚
The strongest security measures are to reject everything.

And I thought skin care was also necessary for security items.🙌
Try Dove products really great will make your skin silky smooth.
Hmm.. not that I use such girly products myself. My hands are just naturally smooth. :whistle:

ForgottenSeer 69673

Hello everyone. Sine I am bored today, I thought I would share some useless facts about myself.

I have only had a few handles online over the years. My first one was at Wilders Forums in the mid 90's. Yes I was one of the original 1000 members there. I those days I also liked to pick manly macho nicks, like so many do. If you were to look up my old nick, on Wilders, it would show my join date as 2002 but the original forum was run by Wilder himself and started in the 90's, trust me. I think fanj was there at the beginning too. I then started going by another macho man for some years. Now here I am with a non-threatening nick. I don't live for security forums much anymore and that is why you don't see me post much.

Happy Holidays everyone


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Sep 13, 2018
OK, so I got these new sneaks--black and white with a small platform sole. They're long and narrow, kinda neat-looking (think Converse) plus they were on sale and were in an open box without even any of that tissue paper you see in there sometimes.

OK so I put them on and the left one felt kind of "off"--like it needed to be broken in a little more than the right one. I figured I'd do just that by going to a store that was a bit more distant than typical. By the time I headed back, I wasn't in any pain but it really started to feel funny and flat-out uncomfortable and I was almost limping when I got back to my apt.

I thought i'd widen the toe box a bit and when reaching in there, there was this big blockage, like the sole had developed a large obstructive lump in there. I was able to grab it and pull it out. Turns out I'd walked about 2 miles with this in the shoe--lol.


What a relief--in more ways than one. o_O

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