Drop a Fact About Yourself!


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Dec 12, 2013
I love that cat. Usually I'm a dog person, but this one is really cute. :)
Thanks :) And this is especially for you...from my cat ;)


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Sep 13, 2018
Hmm, OK, well I had to go to this regional hospital for the dentistry services and had to drop off some paperwork. Hadn't been there since pre-COVID, it was like entering a lock-down top secret facility. All entrances were blocked off at the Pavilion except the main one and you had to pass a security checkpoint. A nurse-lady barked at me to stay right there and then zapped my forehead w/a digital thermometer.

OK, I'll get on with it already. My reading was 97.6 deg F. Since I had avoided all this COVID crap until now, I was like: isn't that a tad low? I looked online and no, it's the "new normal." It seems that 98.6 deg F/37 deg C was deemed normal back in the 1800s based on average temps taken from people's armpits and factors involved there were higher disease and infection rates, poorer diets, etc. It kinda stayed like that for decades and decades.

Imagine: 98.6 deg F/37 deg C is not the ideal norm for your body temperature any more. It's merely " in the normal range."


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Jan 17, 2014
Facts about myself? hmm :unsure::unsure: well, despite being a cyber security enthusiast as well as a part time PC technician (more for fun than anything)

Im also a Cook, a Musician, a avid gamer and a world Explorer

and now a Youtube content creator (a little shameless self promotion) for those of you who like BBQ give it a watch lol