Level 24
'Hey, I want to lock the front door of my house for security.'
'That's a good idea. But that alone is dangerous. Criminals sometimes come disguised as pizza delivery.'
'Really? Let's install a security camera next to the entrance.'
'That's a good idea. But that alone is dangerous. Robbers sometimes break windows and come in.'
'Really? Let's add a grate to the window.'
'That's a good idea. But that alone is dangerous. IT'S POSSIBLE THAT A SERIOUS MURDERER COULD GET IN FROM THE ROOF.'
'Really? Then, we have to install anti-aircraft missiles in preparation for invasion from the air.'
'That's a good idea. But that alone is dangerous. A clever burglar can easily think of digging a hole in the ground.'
'Really? So we need to bury the mines.'


Level 19
'Randy, you know a lot about pc security, don't you? Did you know such a useful software?'
'Oh, what kind of software is it?'
'It encrypts files to protect your privacy! Even if the file is found, the contents are strongly protected, so you can rest assured!'
'That's great software, Sam! How do I get the software?!'
'Well, it doesn't seem to be open to the public. One day, I got an e-mail from a kind person. You can install it by clicking it. It's a premium software that only chosen people can use.'
'Hey, Sam..., is that software installed in a silent, intelligent, cool way that runs unwittingly??'
'Good for you! You know a lot! Everything is smart anyway! I didn't care about security until now, but with this software, I'm not afraid of ransomware!'


Level 19
Many years ago when I bought first computer , i don,t know how to turn off WindowsXP and it was a difficult job for me,
Secondly i learn how to clear computer history.
The pc with xp that I had in the past had a function that automatically turned off. One day, opening the pc case and cleaning the dust inside, the convenient automatic shutdown function broke down and stopped working. I did something regrettable.

It ’s just overheating.
Shut down in the middle of sfc:eek:, shut down by virus scan:eek:, and instantly shut down when playing video :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: