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well security suites and Malware really intrigues me and I always try out different softs , but I consider myself as a novice-standard when it comes down to malware-techy knowledge ..
I found myself reading and checking this site a lot when in fact I have loads of studying to do for my medicine exams (just like now) , so I consider Malwaretips as my 'happy place' ^_^
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Please put UAC at default and enable Smartscreen. Be sure to do data backups once in awhile wether it be Google Drive or a USB. :)
I knew that this will come up :p, I don't like cloud backups , but yeah I think I'll do the USB thing
but about smartscreen , well I know the fact that the moment I chose to use windows I actually kinda of Invited microsoft to "move in with me" , but disabling it gave me a little good feeling about privacy - even though not much is change.


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you don't have to switch to kaspersky if you are happy with bitdefender.
especially since zemana is giving you added protection (I assume you have it on real-time protection).

You are using chrome? Chrome is a pretty secure browser.

but you would be smart to make system image backups, you can use free software, like macrium reflect or aomei. Then you can always restore your entire system at a click, just in case anything goes wrong, or you are not happy with some changes you made to your system.

by the way, smart screen is not an invasion of your privacy, it just means the software is not well known. It's sort of like a AV that works opposite: instead of blocking malware, it allows only known and trusted programs.

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As mentioned, you should enable the OS file reputation "Smart Screen" and also some sort of back ups should be made for personal and system files.


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I would also suggest enabling Smartscreen as well as some type of back up solution.
Thanks for sharing your config :)


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Any reason to disable Smartscreen?
I've re-enabled it.. updating the configuration now ;)
well the reason actually was that when windows 10 was released to the public and the big privacy concern was catching the headlines, I read multiple articles on how to improve privacy, and some suggested disabling Smartscreen although it might compromise the security a little bit.


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actually guys I'm sorry , I guess I got things confused, now upon editing the post I've noticed that you ask about the smartscreen file reputation not the smartscreen filter..
the articles I read were talking about smartscreen filter