Level 15
I think you can only edit your post within a 24 hour period of you writing it. After that, you can't. If you want have a conversation with someone (bare in mind that they may have chosen to limit who can message them) If you hover over the persons avatar then you get options to follow>ignore>start conversation but you may not have enough privileges yet to start a conversation but it's worth a try. (y)


Level 85
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How can I edit one of my post links?
Hello @novelist11,
Like @Weebarra said, editing a post is limited within a time frame.
New members have 1 hour to edit posts.
Well-Known Members (+100 posts & + 100 reactions) - 12 hours to edit posts
Verified Members - 24 hours to edit posts
Trusted Members and Malware Hunters - 72 hours to edit posts

I also can't start a conversation with any other member here.
There is a powerful anti-spam system for the Conversation system when it comes to new members, once you're Level 1 you should be able to use it without the anti-spam checks. This was put in place to protect our members Inbox from spam, and while it's aggressive, it gets the job done.