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Sep 2, 2021
TEHTRiS is eGambit's enterprise protection product. It features EDR and NGAV protection.
The rating is very different from usual because TEHTRIS is unable to analyze... so I have to execute the threat.

The agent installs quite easily and that's it... TEHTRIS doesn't offer any scanning capabilities (even by right-clicking!! ) nor does it scan when a file is copied or moved... It only reacts at runtime by renaming the extension with ".eGambit" ...

On the Web, TEHTRIS fares well, with the exception of Trojan stealers, which it lets run without reacting. RiseProStealer/PrivateLoader and RedLineStealer manage to launch without warning.
I've also noticed that TEHTRIS is relatively slow to act. On some malware, the malware has time to load other threats before being blocked by the software.

On the fake crack and on the pack... it's an icy shower...
TEHTRIS plays the bad luck card and makes a machine completely infected and even unusable on the pack!
Too many infections go unchecked, and Neshta & Parite finish the job by infecting all applications and crashing the machine during disinfection.

Not recommended.

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