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AMD’s more-powerful line of chips are coming to Chromebooks via the family of devices built off of the ‘Zork’ baseboard, and we already knew that six total devices are in the various stages of development: ‘Zork’, ‘Trembyle’, ‘Mandolin’, ‘Morphius’, ‘Ezkinil’ and ‘Dalboz’.

Honestly, for a new chipset family, that’s a pretty nice lineup. It would appear, however, that the developement has not stopped there. Of late, we’ve seen mention of two more AMD-powered devices in the ‘Zork’ family and they go by the names ‘Vilboz’ and ‘Berknip’. I can tell you at this point that we know little about the specifics of these new devices other than the fact that they will be capable of using higher-end AMD silicon and will clearly have the option of a stowed stylus.


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As apple now migrate fully to ARM, I guess Google do the same. In the meantime AMD is a lot better choice then Intel.

Anyway Chromebooks are very secure. If used in guest mode, that's set & forget.
Of course Microsoft's Secured-core PCs aren't bad too.