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I would like to get a key for Emsisoft Anti-Malware, I've used it before and its detection rates are exceptional [there may be a few more FPs, but they have never flagged a system file as malware as this has happened to other competitors]. The guards provide excellent protection. Used with Online Armor would be a very secure configuration. Emsisoft Anti-Malware os currently in closed beta for v6, which has numerous improvements [persistent cache for quicker scans, improved impact on performance, the dual engine has been further enhanced, especially in regards to FPs] - it's a no brainer to ask for a license.

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Thank you, MalwareTips, for the opportunity and good luck to all participating!


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This program is great! Wonderful same! But the use of 4 years and I have nothing to complain about!
Thanks for the giveaway!!/miltonjunioOr/status/90075300867751937


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Count me in, please.
Thanks for giveaway!!!! :)
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Great program! I also take part in this contest!


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This is a very generous offer and I wish I could win this great piece of software. Thanks to all the people at malwaretips for letting it happen. Please count me in. Here is my tweet:!/stangorsky/status/90165754925809665


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Please , count me in too :D
I like to get this protection on my pc :D


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Please count me in for a license.

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Thanks, Grr


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Giveaway is now finished.We will now start sending the keys to all participants in our giveaway, be sure to check your Inbox.
Congratulations to all and a special thanks to Emsisoft for powering this giveaway.
For all those who didn't manage to request a license key ,we would like to suggest buying this great product.


Emsisoft and are giving to all users (members and guests) the possibility to buy Emsisoft Anti-Malware with %25 OFF.

Our commision - 0%
Your discount - 25%

Emsisoft Anti-Malware [1 Year]

RRP: $40.00
Our Price : $30.00
You save : $10.00

Enjoy this great deal and thank you for taking part in your giveaway!
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