Encrypting/securing data before backing up to the cloud

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Suggested Backup Solution

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  1. Boxcryptor

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  2. Password Protexcted 7-zip folders

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  3. Just upload it

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  4. A security software solution (such as Kaspersky Total Security's Backups)

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  5. Other (Please Specify)

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  6. Physical Backup

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  7. Try to upload a full system image to the cloud

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  1. soccer97

    soccer97 Level 11

    May 22, 2014
    Windows 10
    What is a safe way to secure my privacy/file security when uploading it to the cloud (AWS). Box and Dropbox are used occasionally. I already tried Kaspersky's containers back when PURE 3.0 was the stable version. It ended up with throwing an error and being unable to open the encrypted container. After losing a HDD full of data recently (my stupidity for failing to frequently backup), I am looking for a viable option for daily or every 2-3 days backup solution. I have unlimited space essentially as there was a sign up promotion months ago.

    I am somewhat aware of Boxcryptor (but the free version has a good bit of limitations correct?). I would use an external HDD - but seriously am unable to afford it at the moment or in the near future.

    Any suggestions?

    If Boxcryptor is suggested - is there a dummies guide to it?

    Also, - the internal drive that failed was WD (OEM type kit from Amazon). It has a few months remaining under warranty. Would you suggest an RMA or leave it alone?
  2. Umbra

    Umbra From Emsisoft

    May 16, 2011
    Community manager
    Vietnam & France
    Windows 10
    Im usig GPG4Win, encrypt the file and then upload it.
  3. Bergo

    Bergo Level 12

    May 13, 2013
    logistics coordinator
    Windows 10
    I'm using Allway Sync Aes encrpyting method and upload files in the cloud.
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  4. antreas

    antreas Guest

    boxcryptor just download it and the program will automatic create a folder on your hard drive and all the stuff you upload in the folder will be automatic encrypted and upload on dropbox. or your service...
  5. _CyberGhosT_

    _CyberGhosT_ Level 52

    Aug 2, 2015
    Central US
    Linux Mint
    #5 _CyberGhosT_, May 6, 2016
    Last edited: May 6, 2016
    Cloning is the way to go (for me).
    I don't encrypt because I have no chance of the drive being leaked or hacked. I store it myself in a fire resistant safe. If I were utilizing the cloud for Drive backups, 100% encrypt before hand.
    I don't have the multitude of upload/download issues that can make cloud backups a hassle, service failier due to routers, modems, cables, weather, ect.
    Then you have to worry about access or forgetting passwords, encryption working or not working properly. I could go on and on.
    With cloning I have control over the data, no having my data stolen, leaked or lost. I clone on Sundays, I can access my data at any given time with no worries.
    I am back up in an instant if I suffer an attack or HD burnout
    I like keeping things secure, but simple.
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  6. Der.Reisende

    Der.Reisende Level 32
    Trusted AV Tester

    Dec 27, 2014
    Tax Officer
    Windows 10
    Quick Heal

    Manual backup once in a month at least, on two eHDDs (non-encrypted), once folder structure is set up, it's pretty easy to drag and drop files to them, with Windows (10 for me) asking to overwrite / skip existing files to prevent duplicates.
    Using OneDrive seldom, for quick moving files from laptop and main PC (always searching for my USB stick :D).
  7. Kate_L

    Kate_L Former Member

    Jun 21, 2014
    Computer Security
  8. Jrs30

    Jrs30 New Member

    Feb 4, 2016
    São Paulo - Brasil
    Windows 10
    My vote was for third option! For I do not use any! I send my file without encrypting because I can access anywhere without problems, have no important file in the cloud (using Google Drive), my password is strong, two-step verification! most important documents not are sent to the cloud! I have many passwords, do not send any to cloud, I'm not in any corner (only in my mind), send, photos, videos, music, documents ... I am confident in the security of Google services, and also because I like to access my files anywhere (with my device and a secure network)
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  9. BoraMurdar

    BoraMurdar Super Moderator
    Staff Member

    Aug 30, 2012
    Doctor of medicine
    Windows 10
    Although I upload my important stuff to MEGA, with end-to-end encryption, I like to encrypt some most important ones offline using AESCrypt and then upload them to cloud
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  10. orangenbaumblatt

    May 9, 2013
    I think Cryptomator is worth a try. It's like Boxcryptor but open source and without an account. The only downside for me is that it creates a virtual drive with WebDAV which is for me not as user friendly as the driver based virtual HDD by Boxcryptor.
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  11. Mineria

    Mineria Level 3

    Mar 19, 2016
    Data Technician
    Windows 10
    I'm using Acronis True Image for offline backups and OneDrive for the rest.
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  12. soccer97

    soccer97 Level 11

    May 22, 2014
    Windows 10

    IMHO, this is an ideal option - and until recently a good bit or organizations used "tapes" for backups - every day. Deleted a file- know the date? We can research it and may can retrieve it manually from the physical media. I am just pretty limited on the funding - especially right now. Once the basics are taken care of- then I may get some discretionary spending.

    I agree. WIth over 200+ million email account passwords stolen recently - I really don't know about using the cloud especially for FDE/cloning without encryption. It would also be nice to have a "nightly backup" using a desktop client in the background that backed up new or changed files, and automatically encrypted them. I have the cloud storage space already. Can't purchase the physical media at the moment.
  13. Spawn

    Spawn Administrator
    Staff Member Content Creator

    Jan 8, 2011
    Portable external 2TB HDDs are relatively cheap with USB 3.x.
  14. Hanmin147

    Hanmin147 Level 28

    Jul 28, 2014
    Windows 10
    No encryption because important files are in a hard drive and not in the cloud. To be the cloud is for ease of having files and folders throughout all my devices and I feel that adding encryption to the files would make them less accessible to myself.
  15. soccer97

    soccer97 Level 11

    May 22, 2014
    Windows 10
    Thanks. Do you just do the general download (containing Kleopatra and some other stuff) or the slim version?
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  16. Umbra

    Umbra From Emsisoft

    May 16, 2011
    Community manager
    Vietnam & France
    Windows 10
    general version
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  17. Vivek J. Mundkur

    Aug 7, 2017
    IT - Software and Networks
    Windows 10
    Pretty old thread. But thought of adding my tuppence here.

    I have begun to appreciate Duplicati as my cloud backup software. It is open source and works pretty well. It does have some bumps every now and then (it's a beta) but nothing that cannot be resolved. I use it encrypt and backup my core data to Amazon Drive, Mega, PCloud, Google Drive and OneDrive
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  18. Itachi Sempai

    Itachi Sempai Level 1

    Sep 20, 2017
    Windows 7
    i use veracrypt to encrypt large amounts of data and back them up...
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