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I'm looking for easy to use Encryption Software similar to Kaspersky Encryption. I don't mind if it is paid or free. I don't wan't software like Veracrypt or Axcrypt (too many steps). I am looking for something simple with very little steps to open encrypted files easily.

A program to encrypt folders (containers if you wanna call it)...double click, input password, BAMM....It opens. Nothing complicated.

Closest thing I've found is 7zip for simplicity. FolderLock wasn't what I was looking for either.

Any ideas?



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Steganos safe is quite good.
From their website

'The Safe is your secure drive for storing sensitive data.
The Safe is used like any drive on your computer. Save, edit or delete files on it. When the Safe is closed, your data is protected. Without the password unauthorized third parties cannot access the Safe file.'


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@motox781 Check out these:

Hope you find what you need. :oops: