Level 11
- Added: License over-use blocking
- Added: Windows 10 H1-2020 compatible
- Added: Windows 10 H1 2021 support
- Added: Banking & Payment : Remote access application notification
- Improved: Banking & Payment : Re-director link quality
- Improved: Advanced setup accessible by screen-reader software
- Improved: Read out notifications by screen reader software
- Improved: Uninstaller feedback screen removed
- Improved: Installer refactoring
- Fixed: Banking & Payment : Scrambler improvements


Level 26
Content Creator

"The Cautious threshold represents a comparable level of protection from previous versions of ESET Internet Security (13.0 and below). This is recommended for environments where the priority focuses on minimizing false identified objects by security software. "

Kinda sounds to me like the new default setting should give better protection than the previous versions.


Level 26
Content Creator
So this setting affects on-demand scans as well?
You change the setting for real-time protection. This should affect on-demand as well due to the "Use real-time protection settings" (enable by default).

If you disable that setting, you should be able to make specific changes to the on-demand section regardless of what setting real-time protection has.

The Cog in the Machine

Level 23
But whoever does the testing on the Hub will have to set ESET to aggressive, it's not the default.
In MTH, Eset on default settings usually detects the whole malware pack. Generally, it misses one sample (static detection) and, unfortunately, this sample infects the system. Honestly, this is not bad at all as the samples are pretty new (zero-day).