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Feb 19, 2013
Using ESET Internet Security and liking it, but I've ran into a significant problem. Did a bit of searching (ESET's Forums too) but found no solution, only older complaints on the same issue.

When using the Firewall in Interactive mode (or Policy-based mode), there is no way to exclude Store Apps from monitoring. This leads to massive amounts of prompts, or simply broken Apps (in Policy-based mode). It is practically impossible for the user to create and maintain rules, since Store Apps keep changing their installation location.

Only solution: use the Firewall's default Automatic Mode which allows all Outbound traffic. This is disappointing honestly, unless I'm missing something?


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Apr 16, 2017
Open ESET's Firewall rule section, click the checkmark of show pre-defined rules and see if there's any rule related to Windows Store. If yes, then drag that rule to the very top of the list. If there's no such rule, then post your issue in the ESET forum.
I may have related issue, I logged in admin account and saw notice that windows store had installed 95% and seemed frozen. tried a few things but nada. I'll look at what you suggest. thanks

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