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Hey fellow members,

I wanted to start a collaborative (positive) thread on experiences with ESET's new Smart Security 10 (other versions such as Internet Security and Smart Security Premium are welcome too)!

In the ESET forums, I found this official Release Announcement post. I would encourage anyone having any questions or issues to view post #2. A moderator there has posted a PDF with what appears to be a PDF of links the top viewed KB articles regarding ESET Smart Security 10. I found it really helpful. It has installation tips in it as well.

Purpose of thread: Discuss your experience with the product, offer suggestions to other users, things you found helpful, what is new and improved, if you need support - where did you find the answer, etc.

I hoped to open up a dialogue and hopefully condense threads into sort of a master one where users could go for information and tips as well as support links.

Suggestions for this thread are welcome too.


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I have ESS v10, I get it by clean installation replacing previously build ESS v9. the new ESS v10 runs very light on my laptop even lighter than v9. it uses less memory and I like the new features like anti-ransomware which triggers certain HIPS sets to block ransomware, it's really helpful because previously I have to create certain rules manually by referencing to this video and it's a bit too much for me as I'm not IT guy, another new feature I like is home network protection, It gives detail information whos connected and whats blocked.

and what I don't like is ESET UI, I don't like it since v9, in my eyes ESET UI v8 is better, neither I dont like the tools layout, why they hide the old tools like this below???? why don't just spread it along with new tools so it can be accessed easily