ESET Smart Security 9 vs Emsisoft Internet Security 11

  • ESET Smart Security 9

    Votes: 45 42.5%
  • Emsisoft Internet Security 11

    Votes: 61 57.5%
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ESET Smart Security 9 vs Emsisoft Internet Security 11
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I would recommend Emsisoft because it has a very good BB,and a very good firewall,and runs light for me!
Eset has become heavy recently,and to get the full benefit of it's hips you must configure it properly,for any decent zero day protection.
Just my POV,having used both:)


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Would use Emsisoft. Top notch bb, nice signaures(bitdefender) and realy, realy good inhous engine for adwares/pups. The pricacy from both is good, but i thing Emsisoft is just the best out there when it comes to privacy. the support forum from emsisoft is realy good too. When i tested both i had some slowdowns from Eset( Fps drops in Games) that i never had with emsisoft.


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I prefer ESET, this is not an opinion just because I use ESET!
I've tried using Emsisoft more my system was slow, say Emsisoft does not weigh on the system, more me it did not, I do not know if it was just me ...
Use ESET ah nearly two months and never saw my system in a better state out, what but I liked was the technical support, are very attentive, it really surpeendeu me, meet me up at facebook, I find it incredible.
The default settings is enough for most users, more if you configure it, you get a much better performance, I have set it, and my system is clean as ever.
I would give a chance pro Emsisoft.
I repeat, my vote is to ESET as the Emsisoft did not do well with me, my system was too heavy.


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I find that ESET has stronger signatures whereas Emsisoft has a better behavioral blocker. Have used both in the past before and I found that ESET is definitely lighter on my system than Emsisoft.

Both vendors respond fairly quickly to threats that are sent to them, and both have very good customer service.

Overall based on protection you can't go wrong with either.
Based on resource usage, I have to side with ESET being extremely light on my system while Emsisoft was generally heavier when I had it on my system a while ago.


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both programs are good, it is difficult to choose my system work better Eset it all depends on what equipment to have.
both have good detection rate and are lightweight, personally I would choose Eset, but every decision taken personally and besides it is also a matter of setting the program to the system.


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I dont know why my post here removed hours ago.. :D

I'd choose ESET more than Emsisoft because I use it.. 1 year and 1 month for my gaming PC, no issues. I extend it for another year, also for this PC and a laptop..
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I vote for Eset.
Two excellent choices, but although I like the Bitdefender engine, sometimes slows down my computer, I have also had experience with Emsisoft more false positives in the past.

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History has it...9 times out of 10 Eset wins compared to any security software at MT:p:D

So Eset v/s any security already know the winner:);)


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Both offers great protections. but my vote solely goes to EIS due to user-friendliness. ESS need to be tweaked alot to get optimal protection, while EIS is pretty great out-of-the-box.


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Emsisoft has a powerful Behaviour Blocker and good signatures
ESET has a powerful HIPS if configured properly and good signatures

Both do a good job in prevention, however ESET requires manual tweaks, while Emsisoft works out of the box just fine.


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The maturity of product lies on how the security company manage to conduct intensive analysis, and I commend ESET on their part which why protection capabilities determine very well and let HIPS do the rest of part.

Although Emsisoft IS on the other hand balance the perspective where BB and their own firewall tends to be effective throughout the operation.


Both products have had their share of issues. Not long ago Emsisoft Internet security had a badly implemented firewall rule that not only blocked itself from updating, but also blocked Windows updates from doing the same. Eset has been known to slow down systems, not for everyone, but many users have experienced this, its https scan can be over aggressive causing web page loading issues. That being said, both products provide very good security, some of the best out there. Emsisofts behavioral blocker is quite strong. Esets detection out of the box is stellar to say the least. Both products at default settings would be enough for most users. It comes down to a matter of personal preference between these two. If I was to be forced to chose between the two, I would go with Eset myself after extensive testing and usage and knowing exactly how the product will work with my needs and uses.


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As others members already stated both products offer very good protection.
I might help you with a question.
Do you like tweaking a security program or are you a set and forget user?
If you like to tweak a software then my advice is to choose Eset, it's like a playground, it has so many options you will just love it.
On the other hand if you don't like tweaking and you want your security software to provide you solid protection on default settings
then you can choose Emsisoft.
Emsisoft's default settings are very good and when i used it i didn't need to tweak anything to provide me better protection.
I hope i have helped:).


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I´ll advice Eset because of tweaking options compared to the other product. You can`t do anything wrong with it.


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I prefer Emsisoft, it is much lighter than Eset when I tried both. Emsisoft has a very good firewall and BB .


Both programs are excellent, but I vote EMSISOFT for their excellent pup prot, lightness, privacy policy, solid history of unlocking ransomware, amongst other things. I'd use BOTH if it were viable!


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I'm reading this forum since a long time but that's my first post.
I want to change my previous security software and I'm testing ESS and EIS on 4 PC Windows 10 Pro. Both are working well but I don't know which is the more effective because they don't detect anything:rolleyes:
I read the test but I prefear to heard the opinion of the real users;)