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After reading on the forum all about ESET Security I decided to give the Software a try
and at present time it is a no go.

Tried originale the live install option - was a failure - communication error, just could never use this particular choice.

Next, I try the offline installation, worked out fine till I got to the registration - again communication error.
Interestingly the update for the virus database worked out.
Software started automatically a scan with no objects or threads found.

Installed software on PC windows 8.1 64bit used in the past only windows defender und windows firewall.

Somehow puzzled by this issue - google search did not bring anything up either as the error is just to global.

Maybe someone has an idea - thank you!


Hello longa,

There are many experienced ESET users here at MalwareTips so if there is an answer I would bet it is to be found here.

Someone is going to ask you what specifically was stated in any error messages.

To expedite help you may wish to post those infos.


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thank you all for your fast responses, I solved the issue quite easy. LOL
Used a simple system restore.
Before restoring, the system informs the user if any installed software will be negatively affected by the restore.
Yes, there was some crapware installed by an update of IObit uninstaller.
They try very hard to push some of their other freeware onto the PC. Its a typical endusers fault when updating without really paying much attention whats happening.
Some of their stuff (IObit) prevented ESET of communicating with their servers. I did not really research how (IObit) did this, but find it
a clever trick that the security software can be installed and some communications don't go through.
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IObit uninstaller comes with "Install Advanced System Care" ticked on the lower right side next to where "I have read blah blah blah" is ticked.If you dont look for this it will get installed on your PC.Advanced System Care likes to make your internet connection faster or better or whatever they claim which might have caused this problem.The virus definition updates and the activation are on different servers.


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You have some issues on your local network adapter setting, either your router is blocking some connections this is very unlikely but not impossible"If you are behind a router". As said above, third party internet optimizers tend to break something, try to restore it's optimized settings to windows factory default.