Which is better?

  • Eset Smart Security

    Votes: 79 85.9%
  • Avast Premier

    Votes: 13 14.1%
  • Total voters
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List of apps to compare
ESET Smart Security vs Avast Premier

Golden King

Level 1
ESET comes with only very useful but essential functions.
It's more lightweight and easy to use.
It can be easily uninstalled in Control Panel.
So, one more vote for ESET.
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Level 8
OMG, wanted to try avast premier but after looking at it, will stick with eset smart security :p


Level 18
ESET. Gives the user more power than Avast. I don't even think Avast allows the user to make a detected file excluded incase it's a false positive. You have to go into virus chest. With ESET, you can do it on detection. I'm a sucker for user control. Always will be. Avast isn't dumbed down, it just doesn't include exclusions on detection which is a big problem for me since I used unknown tools sometimes.

If an AV is dumbed down, I simply can't use it. I MUST have control over it, not the other way around. These are my files it's screwing with.
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