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Discussion in 'SCW Archive' started by Evjl's Rain, May 30, 2016.

  1. Wave

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    "Unsafe"? Are you referring to malware?... Why risk it at all, you know data theft can still occur within Shadow Defender? Use a VM!
  2. Evjl's Rain

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    Apr 18, 2016
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    not malwares, I meant some "safe" apps which are probably injected some malicious codes. VS shows some VT detections but I'm not sure about their safety

    at that time, I didn't have a VM, now I have one so that won't happen again :)
  3. Wave

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    I'm still a bit confused but injecting code is malicious, the exception is when it's done for a non-malicious purpose (e.g. AV software do it but not to harm you, but for the opposite purpose). Code injection can lead to data theft too, since then the information within text controls can be stolen (for example).

    But no problem because you said you use a VM now anyway so it's ok if I misunderstood
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    try SpyShelterFW
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