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What are you saying mate?
I was attracted to the telemetry block. And was it who had strange connections. One tip, if you want to install it, use Glasswire as well. I tried to create rules to prevent some programs from being connected and with Glasswire I saw that they were connected. o_O
I can not recommend it to anyone, but we do not fool ourselves, we love to try new software :cool:and more if it is security. Surely many are testing it today and many will uninstall it today ;)


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The outgoing connections was only one guy over at Wilders that reported.
Not all were convinced that this was correct, other did not have that problem.
I really like to use it, but not if it leaves open ports on my vpn-connection.
Otherwise it is really easy to use, and yes it works with Voodooshield.
Evorim did stop outgoing connections effectively from unknown apps until I allowed them.
That means that many malware will stop right there, without connecting to their control server.

Anyone up for doing a vid after getting to know the FW a bit?



Yes test this, be nice to have a working, reliable, new firewall. Only ones now are comodo and zonealarm


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I just installed it again, port 139 wide open according to Shields-UP file sharing test.
It seems there is a problem with Evorim and W10 FW, EFW takes over the control of WFW and something goes wrong.
I cannot enable WFW after I install EFW, the setting in the EFW to enable WFW does not work.
If I disable WFW inside EFW, EFW does not seem to be working/enabled.
Can anyone verify these results over at Shields-UP?

I know, a bit much EFW, WFW... :p
If I uninstall Evorim, WFW does enable again and all ports are closed again, strange bug?
I have sent two mails to Evorim, latest one two days ago, no answer...



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Nice program easy for use end is light. What I was looking for I found it at evorim. thanks for sharing
You are welcome :)
I'm currently using Binisoft WFC, but since it's not clear whether it will be free in future or not, I'm also looking at some alternatives:
  • Sphinx-soft W10FC
  • Simplewall
  • Evorim
Would you mind sharing some screenshots (if different than the ones on my link)?
Are you using it alongside Windows FW or standalone?
Does it allow/block outgoing connections only or also inbound ones?
Can you confirm if it stores rules in a .xml file?

Thanks :)

Hi how to know when we enable all for a program or just incoming ,outgoing? Thks
It used to save its rules in .xml.Has it changed it?
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Μany explanation is difficult with my ugly english and the translator not help me with Greek language. But will try with some screenshots
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