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Jan 26, 2020
Our new logo, coming to your ExpressVPN app Our New Logo, Coming to Your ExpressVPN App | ExpressVPN Blog

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Jan 26, 2020
I don't think it's a weakness for ExpressVPN not to have it. Even if they implemented it, I wouldn't use it. I have no reasons to do that. I would turn it off.
I'm not too fond of extra unnecessary features and bloatware.
Keeping things simple is a great approach, IMHO.
Maybe ExpressVPN implements it in the future, but I won't use it. It should be optional.
NordVPN and Surfshark both have it, and if someone really wants to use Multihop, they can use Nord or Surfshark.

What do you think?


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Jan 26, 2020
"We’ve paid close attention to your feedback on our new app icon and are making a change. We know for years you have associated our app with the red color, so we decided to bring back the red background to make the app easier to find. The updated icon is coming soon to your apps."



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Oct 9, 2016
I watched this new video yesterday
and in it, he said it's not a good idea to use multi-hop.
Surfshark VPN/NordVPN/Perfect Privacy and a few others offer multi-hop VPN feature. If hopping through servers from the same provider then it's not as effective as hopping through different providers. Read the below

From the SAME VPN provider

VPN1 => VPN2 => VPN3

Better protection from DIFFERENT VPN providers e.g

VPN1 (ExpressVPN in router) => VPN2 (VyprVPN in your PC/laptop) => VPN3 (Surfshark VPN in your VM)

This setup is like TOR going through 3 DIFFERENT nodes (servers/relays) hosted by DIFFERENT people

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