Level 6
I've used F-Secure for a long time, never told me to uninstall anything, unless I have another AV in Malwarebytes, of course he uninstalled it, because now it's a full AV, and we all know that two AV home conflict, in the case up there the guy can only have 6 AV installed, for him to have asked to remove, and I do not know why having 6 security programs, this is to be more than paranoid, totally unnecessary.

FSECURE With zemana antimalware its asking for uninstall it and many others products.


Level 31
F-Secure SAFE - free for 1 year. Protect your 5 devices

1. Go to the promotion page (in English)
2. Complete the registration by filling out the form - enter your name, surname, e-mail address and set the password. Click the "Create account" button to create an account.
3. Confirm the registration by clicking on the link in the message that will come to your e-mail.
4. On the account page F-Secure SAFE

IP address from the UK (Use VPN)
F-Secure SAFE is a security solution for PC and Mac as well as for mobile devices. The software protects you from all threats on the Internet including current threats such as the Locky encryption Trojan. This so-called ransomware blocks access to user data and then requires a ransom to release the data. In addition, F-Secure SAFE protects you from all future and previously unknown threats.

Use google translate,fill in details and you should be able to get this promotion.
You cannot use an email already used for another activation of the product.

Hope it works out for some people!!:)
is this giveaway still active?