Troubleshoot Fell for email scam. Malware?


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Dec 11, 2020
Hello, looking for advice

Woke up to a confirmation email claiming we ordered a $1100 laptop from Amazon. We called the number in the email, we were instructed to install software called ultraviewer downloaded at (Scammer Had us access website through the run prompt). The software gave the scammer remote access to our laptop, they opened Firefox, started asking about other devices on our network, and were in the process of installing teamviewer software. It clicked in my head at this time this could be a scam and I unplugged our router and blocked their number.

I have since uninstalled all software that was listed as installed today and disconnected the laptop from the internet. I opened a chat on the Amazon help section of the website and confirmed the email was a scam.

Feeling stupid, should have suspected a scam when we didn’t have the laptop listed on our amazon orders.

We received recommendations that we should take the laptop into a specialist to see if the scammer installed any malware in the background while they had remote access. Is there anything we can do?

The scammer was asking about other devices on our home network, could they be at risk for malware? Norton isn’t turning up anything.

Could the iPhone that originally opened the scam email be infected?

Thanks, any advice would be appreciated