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Jul 2, 2014
The last time I used this software was when it was version 1.9. Now it's at version 2.82 and has massively improved replacing other download managers on my system like XDM 8beta, IDM, Neat DM, FDM amongst others. It's continuously updated and improving with each iteration.

File centipede is an All-In-One internet file upload/download manager, BitTorrent Client, WebDAV client, FTP client, and SSH client. It is designed to be fast, customizable, and user-friendly. It supports multi-protocols and contains many useful auxiliary tools such as HTTP requester, file merge, and encoders. With the browser integration, you can download audio and videos from websites, even encrypted videos.

Website: File Centipede Official Website
Github: GitHub - filecxx/FileCentipede: Cross-platform internet upload/download manager for HTTP(S), FTP(S), SSH, magnet-link, BitTorrent, m3u8, ed2k, and online videos. WebDAV client, FTP client, SSH client.

It seems like the v2.x is available as a premium version on the website, however you can activate it for free using an activation code from it's website here: Activation code - File Centipede
Am not sure how long the activation codes work for free and if we need to update it time to time, but will update you the longer I use it. It looks like the developer is ready to make it's "premium" version available for free if GitHub repository receives 100K stars which is currently at 4.1K stars, so this software could sure take advantage of visibility and WOM.

I came across the 2.x series of this software because my previous download manager of choice, XDM 8.0 beta has been a hit or miss with it's download speeds lately.


Here is the expanded feature list of File Centipede:

FeaturesMinimum version
HTTP,HTTPS protocol (basic features like gzip, resumable, multi-connections will not be listed.)1.0
FTP, FTPS protocol1.0
Magnet, HASH address1.0
Other custom protocols like thunder, flashget, qqdl1.0
JSON formatted address1.0
m3u8 stream task1.0
Stream task AES-128 decryption (SAMPLE-AES decryption is not supported yet)1.0
HTTP cookie, header, user-agent with user customize1.0
Torrent seeding limit1.0
Dynamically edit transfer-task config1.0
Anti leeches1.0
Refresh expired address1.0
Limit download, upload speed1.0
Create custom address (filec, fileu)1.0
Proxy management1.0
Filter customize1.0
Tracker management1.0
Task details1.0
Export torrent from task1.0
Queue or Unlimited concurrency setting1.0
Chrome Browser integration1.0
Firefox Browser integration1.0
Capture videos, audio from web page1.0
Find all magnets from web page1.0
Translate tool1.0
HTTP tool1.0
URI encode/decode tool1.0
Base64 encode/decode tool1.0
Regex test tool1.0
Create torrent1.0
Torrent to magnet tool1.0
Magnet to torrent tool1.0
File merge tool1.0
Download all links from webpage1.6
SSH, SFTP protocol2.0
curl, wget, aria2, axel command line2.0
WebDAV protocol2.0
Upload file2.0
Upload directory2.0
Download directory2.0
Full-featured WebDAV(s) file manager2.0
Full-featured FTP(s) file manager2.0
Full-featured SSH(sftp) file manager2.0
File browser persistent caches2.0
Site rules2.1
Checksum tool2.3
Remote download2.6
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