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I was using Firefox 40 Beta 64bit version in Windows 7 but it was not so smooth.

But Firefox 40 Beta 64bit version in Windows 10 is so smooth. Its feels so crisp & responsive and does not feel like a beta version at all. I think Firefox 64bit version is going to be a great release and I can't wait to see the new appearance for Windows 10.

So if you are using Windows 10, then I strongly suggest you to try the 64bit version of Firefox.

Privacy/Security Add-ons:
  1. Ublock Origin (Adblocker for power users) or Ublock (Adblocker for average users)
  2. NoScript (Must Install)
  3. Privacy Badger (Recommended)
  4. HTTPS-Everywhere (Optional)

Its better to install Privacy Badger & HTTPS-Everywhere add-ons from as they provide the most up-to-date versions. Don't worry about installing software from as they are one of the few organizations that care about user privacy in the Internet. :)

PS: Beta version may have security holes, so think thrice before installing beta softwares.


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Your not kidding here. It is smooth on Windows 10. Also as fast as Chrome x64 (in my opinion anyway - every system is different). I always prefer using the parent instead of a child/build off like Cyberfox since you get faster patches, better support, etc. so now I have an excuse to use Firefox proper again. Never heard of Privacy Badger but will check it out.

Thank you for the post. Didn't know Firefox was actually planning a stable release for x64 of Firefox. I also see that version 40 added full support for Windows 10. It's great that they didn't rush the support as that normally results in problems.


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Good to hear that. Now I can recommend it to others too since it was not just me who found it to be smooth & responsive.

Firefox 40 is scheduled to be released on 11 August 2015 but I'm not sure if they are going to officially launch the 64bit version too.

I agree that version 40 looks like the best build in a long time. Hope Mozilla jumps out of the version race with Chrome and goes back to its initial glory days.

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I'm currently use Edge as my default browser. I have Firefox installed alongside it for a certain extension I use and for any sites that just don't work in Edge right now. I don't have Chrome cause it runs slower and sucks up so much resources it's unbelievable. I will update my Firefox to that version and see the difference. I loved Firefox back in the early days of version 3. The UI was perfect. I wish they brought that back. It would be so cool. Then when Chrome came around I went to that. Now I have bounced around to Edge, lol. It seems that I move around a lot.

However on every platform I am using their respective default browser (Android: Chrome, Windows: Edge and iOS: Safari), I used to use Chrome on everything I had.


I just Googled and found this link:

I think it's the right one, that's the one I am going to download and install at least! :p

Update: I am liking it. It seems more responsive already. I will use both Edge and Firefox for now and see how it goes. Even the scrolling isn't as jaggy as it used to be.
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The scrolling in YouTube is still a bit iffy. It's a site I go on almost everyday. It is better than before. Edge beats it. Internet explorer beats all the browsers I tried for smooth scrolling. It is amazing, just wished more browsers could scroll like that. I always hated the clunky scrolling of Firefox. Chrome and Edge are pretty good. Opera doesn't even work with my touchpad. Internet explorer is just amazing at it. Was hoping that kind of scrolling would be in Edge but it's not. It's scrolling is by no means bad at all, just could be better.


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this beta is running really slow on youtube, mainly because of the html5 player on default. flash is gone forever :eek:


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All Mozilla is doing is copying Cyberfox's 64x version, that way Mozilla executives can play more golf, pub crawl, drive their Corvettes up the Pacific Coast Highway. :D Bty - Cyberfox updates as soon or sooner than Firefox does - look it up.


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I use firefox as secondary browser with zen mate and ublock origin (no ids logged in there so no privacy issues), will be checking it out :)