New Update Firefox is getting a button to Reset Private Browsing Sessions


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Nov 10, 2017
If you are using Firefox Nightly, you may have noticed a new flame icon in the browser's toolbar when its private browsing mode is open. This new button enables Firefox users to reset the current private browsing session.

Private browsing is a special browsing mode that limits local writes. Any site visited in the mode is not saved to the browsing history and data, including cookies and site data, is not stored permanently either.

Data is stored temporarily during a browsing session and depending on the activity, may leak some information of that session to sites.

Firefox users who want to start anew need to close all private browsing windows and launch a new one to do so. Soon, they may just click on the flame icon in the Firefox main toolbar to do the same.

The feature is in active development and things may change before it lands in Firefox Stable. Currently, activation of the icon displays "end your private session" and a short description -- close all private tabs and delete history, cookies, and all other site data -- on activation.

A click on the delete session data button resets the private browsing session, as if all activate private browsing windows were closed and a new window opened. A cancel button is also available.

An option to uncheck the "always ask me" option is provided. Activation of the button will run the reset immediately of the option is unchecked, which speeds it up.

It is unclear when the new feature is going to land in Firefox Stable. The earliest option is Firefox 120 Stable, as the current Nightly version is at version 120. This would set the release target to the second half of November 2023.

The preference browser.privatebrowsing.resetPBM.enabled defines if the button is displayed in the Firefox toolbar. Setting this to TRUE shows the icon, a value of FALSE removes it.


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