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Mozilla plans to extend the functionality of Firefox Monitor by displaying breach alerts to users of the browser.
The organization ran a Shield Study back in 2018 to test Firefox Monitor in the desktop version of the browser. The feature was passive at that time; users could check whether an account -- email address -- was found on hacked passwords lists, and they could sign up to receive alerts when a particular account was discovered on new leaked lists.
Firefox Monitor uses the Have I Been Pwned service but implemented the feature in a way that the full email address is never shared with third-parties.
Mozilla started to work on a breach warning system in Firefox in 2017. If things go as planned, Firefox 67 may be the first stable version of the Firefox web browser to warn users when they visit recently hacked websites.


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Mozilla is making competition with chrome again
Lol, Chrome was never a competition to Firefox. It was never good on release and its still terrible even today. And it's a Google's data hoarding tool. No thanks. I really don't know why everyone is jumping on its bandwagon. The damn thing is not even good at all. UI design is idiotic, UX even more so, it's only fast in raw JavaScript synthetic benchmarks, but on real webpages it's a sluggish turd. Only thing saving it is the amount of extensions for it, but when you try them, majority of them are really stupid limited and badly designed and look like a joke compared to those in Firefox.
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