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Aug 17, 2014
Vivaldi Technologies is testing a new feature called Command Chains currently in the Vivaldi Browser snapshot. Command Chains allow users to chain commands so that all of them are executed when invoked.

Sometimes, you may want to perform multiple actions in your browser of choice. A simple example is the opening of two or more websites, or deleting browsing history before closing the browser. While you can perform these one after the other, you may also use Command Chains for that, if you use Vivaldi.

Command Chains can be configured under Settings > Quick Commands > Command Chains.

You may configure as many as you want, and Vivaldi ships with three test chains that you may analyze to figure out how these work.

Click on the plus icon to create a custom chain. Type a descriptive name and start adding commands to it. Vivaldi's quick commands can be used for that. Quick Commands, for those who have never used them, can be executed from the Quick Commands overlay, which you invoke with a tap on the F2-key (or Ctrl-E).
The command fields support filtering; all you have to do is type part of the name of the command, e.g. open, and select one of the commands. You may also browse the entire listing without typing anything.

Additional information may be required depending on the command. If you select "open link in new tab", you need to specify the link that you want the command to open.

Click on the plus-icon to add more commands. Options to delay commands are available to delay the execution of the next command (using the sleep command).

Once you are done with the chain, select the "test chain" button to run the entire chain and see if it works correctly.

Chains can be executed from the quick commands menu. You may also assign keyboard shortcuts or mouse gestures to individual chains to execute them using these two options.

Closing Words​

Command chaining is a powerful feature that enables you to run multiple commands quickly. It is a power user feature that needs to be set up before it can be used.

Vivaldi users who set up command chains may improve productivity doing so. Besides common tasks such as opening multiple sites or toggling fullscreen mode and reader mode, advanced tasks may be created that perform a dozen or more commands.

One of the preset chains opens multiple links, selects some of the opened tabs, stack the selection and tile them.

An option to map chains to a button that you can place in the toolbar could be useful as well, but is not available.

Command Chains are available in the latest Vivaldi development build. The next stable release will include the feature.

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