First PotPlayer 2021 release removes Flash playback support


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Aug 17, 2014
A new version of the media player PotPlayer has been released just a few days ago. The first PotPlayer release of 2021 does away with Flash playback support among other things.

First, the basics. You can download the latest version of PotPlayer for all supported versions of Microsoft's Windows operating system from the official project website. Just download the 32-bit or 64-bit version and run the installer after the download completes. The program installs over any existing version and will upgrade in the process.
So, what is new in the first PotPlayer release of 2021?

The PotPlayer update removes support for Flash playback; support required Adobe Flash on the system, and since this is no longer supported, PotPlayer has support for playing SWF files removed from its core.

The player supports AV1 DXVA playback in the new release as well. The two remaining feature additions are a Dutch translated version of the media player, and the ability to se skin visualizations in windows media visualizations.

Six different issues of previous PotPlayer versions have been fixed in the new release. The biggest, probably, fixed a MKV video playback issue that caused playback to be not as smooth as it should be.

The remaining issues fix various problems in the player, e.g. an error when editing a bookmark, or that SMI integrated subtitles could not be selected.