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Dec 23, 2020
Rather unique up and coming software: Heilig Defense :: Folderfication

@HeiDef , what is the status on the version with encryption, and how can one go about trialing it?

I downloaded the normal trial and gotta say your software looks like it has major potential to be really nice, but the GUI could use some fine-tuning to make it a bit more user-friendly and seems a bit buggy.

For example, if I click to enable a listing in the Folder Protection window, the icon will change from a check-box to a crossed out eye, but if I close the window and re-open it (supposed to save settings) the change does not stick. Also, if I use the orange plus sign and 'enable item', nothing seems to happen.

It would also be nice if the system tray menu stayed open, even after clicking to enable or disable a selection, until the user either opened a settings window through it, or clicked elsewhere.

I suggest somehow making it more visually clear to the user that the top section is for folder protection, and the bottom section is for application protection. it is apparent after some clicking around, but is confusing at first glance.

Also, a 7 day trial is really limited, the normal time frame is usually a month. I am interested in the encryption version, so for now I am uninstalling and waiting.


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Apr 24, 2016
Some more info from the Dev on the Wilders thread:
We just released the initial version of Folderfication. For those of you that may have used RansomOff in the past, Folderfication is the folder protection capabilities taken out of that and enhanced. There will be two versions available. One with encryption and one without. The version currently available is without. The US Government has regulations surrounding software with strong encryption so there are some non-technical things we need to work out before making that version widely available.

Here's the site

And the user guide page
Heilig Defense :: Folderfication

And here are two videos showing the encryption capabilities.



From HeiDef
Mar 27, 2017
Thanks. Yeah, I noticed that thread, but thought it would be good for it to have one over here too (y)

Thanks for pointing out some of those issues @SomeRandomCat

I can understand how the UI may take some time to understand but we built it to be very similar to Android (I guess if you have an iPhone that doesn't help). We can look at adding more notifications and popups when we think a user wants to make changes but doesn't actually apply them.

As for the encryption version, we want to get it out as soon as we can but are waiting on the government to approve our classification request. Basically because encryption is still a controlled item according to the US government companies need to get approval before releasing software that uses a high level of encryption (AES-256 and RSA-4096 in our case). There is a self-classification route that can be taken but the government may disagree and then you run the risk of fines. That might be more than you wanted to know but bottom line is we will release it as soon as we can.