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Jan 8, 2011
which MalwareTips Forum Rule or Rules pertain to "No emoji comments" ?? :unsure:

Important Notes​

  • This policy is not language-restrictive. The language that falls under this policy will always be subject to the repercussions listed, whether it is inappropriate in English or any other language.
  • Your posts are public and will not be deleted unless they are against the forum rules or contain personal information.
  • Other general rules include:
    • All your posts must be made in English with proper spelling and punctuation.
    • Your posts should be relevant to the thread subject.
    • Don't post just to increase your number of posts. Avoid short sentences or single-word posts. If you have nothing relevant to say on a certain matter then don't post.
    • Do not bother making posts with only one or two words (e.g., "cool" or LOL) or a smile, or post simply to have the first reply in a thread. Such posts waste everyone's time and will be deleted. Posts saying "I agree", "1", "this", "me too", or the equivalent are also routinely removed, so don't post them. If you aren't interested in a thread, skip the thread; don't post to tell us you aren't interested.
    • Excessive text formatting (bold, caps, font size) is not allowed. Use text formatting to highlight short passages only.
    • Foul language is not allowed. Do not try and avoid moderation by replacing letters, i.e with a *.
    • No blatantly juvenile toilet humor. Simple rule. Moderator's judgment applies here. Talk about what you do to relieve yourself, although popular (for some odd reason) is not needed here.
    • Posts similar to “I'm leaving because..." or "Should I leave?"- are considered drama and they're not allowed.

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Apr 16, 2017
Thanks... :unsure: If you had not replied above with this equation "=" I would not (might not) have seen the equivalence. Is this (these) an unnumbered Forum Rule or a "note" to a FR? Also the content of this note is somewhat surprising to me as I read posts with these violations every day, such that average member would not be aware the note contents violate FR. Also does an Ai check all posts in real-time as they are being made to filter for possible violations. :unsure: If I have violated above in the past, I will try to be more careful. Also if we see violation of the above, do you want us to report them?
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