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Can I get a free firewall alternative to Glasswire that:

1. shows download/upload meter for each process consuming network bandwidth.
2. has a simple switch to block/unblock process from accessing the net
3. that resides in tray or as a GUI on desktop actively monitoring network showing the stats.

Recently Glasswire made Firewall only for premium users, a bad bad move.


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So you're looking for a free alternative to Glasswire, and I can understand that.
Comodo Firewall has a widget for displaying information, can block programs from accessing the Internet and remains active in the background. Should meet all your requirements.
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You can always use the older version which has firewall options available for free. I have an original installation package for 1.2.118 version and it's still working great. I can send it to you, if you want. :)
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Cruelsis once said to not use Comodo's firewall component only. But I'm not sure if its fine or not if you have another AV to manage security and CFW to manage network only.
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Your option may be ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2018. It has everything you mentioned except the up and down meter. You shall sacrifice that lol

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall - Personal Computer Firewall Software
@jackuars probably wants to use Comodo Firewall for information purposes. So it's not overkill to let them run together if you disable everything else (sandboxing etc.) in Comodo. ;)
This exactly.
I just need to know in real-time with a widget on desktop or tray icon to see which apps are using my internet bandwidth and prevent access to the internet to those apps that I don't want to with a slider or so. Just straight forward and simple.

If no freeware application does this, I don't mind to pay too.



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I was using Tinywall sith Windows updates finely killed it off. Then a while back someone here posted a site that had made it compatible with Windows 10 again. Since I had bought Fort Knox firewall I didn't need to bookmark the link, sorry.

EDIT: oldschool posted the link to the Tinywall that will work with later versions of Windows 10.

" Agreed! It hardens Windows Firewall and is lightweight & easy to use. But if you're using 1709 or later you'll need to download it here with the modified/compatible installer: Windows 10 Privacy Guide - Spring Creators Update and scroll to near the bottom of the page. "
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Simplewall also requires admin password at uac promt every time it is run, so it's unusable for me. back to tinywall


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Windows Firewall Notifier and Simplewall
Simplewall make and create rules
Windows Firewall Notifier shows download/upload meter + monitoring network showing the stats / and ips
and all for Free install Simplewall first make rules then Windows Firewall Notifier
Job Done
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