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From your nominations at Free Antivirus of the Year 2017 [Nominations Thread], 5 products have been selected for the final poll phase starting today.

The poll will be closed on 29th Dec 2017 and the winner revealed on 30th Dec 2017.

Do reply in this thread which product you chose and why?

**** Also please take a moment to mention the Pro's and Con's you have found in the Product, so that it will be helpful for others while making their decision. ****

Nomination Results:
Product (votes)

Avast (34)
Kaspersky (24)
Windows Defender (10)
BitDefender (8)
Panda (8)

Comodo (4)
Avira (2)
FortiClient (2)
Zonealarm (2)
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Avast free for me!

- Layered protection that to totally configurable
- Able to edit or remove protection layers independent of each other
- Generally quite light on the system
- Very decent signatures

- Behavioral blocker component is broken for me (giving off errors when I have it on and I can't open anything)
- HTTP scanning seems to cause some disconnects when I game, solution is to completely disable the AV when I game and turn it back on when I'm done
- Notifications have been getting slightly more aggressive, last time I got a threat detection notification it covered the entire screen prompting for a quick scan until I clicked on the exit


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For me its between Avast & Kaspersky, Avast has an edge because it has more features but I Voted for Kaspersky simply because it has finally launched its free antivirus worldwide in 2017 and that's why I believe it deserves the title Free Antivirus of the Year 2017. Avast free has been there for years it can win title next year.


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I choose Kaspersky Free for simplicity. because they have everything equal to the paid version, with the exception of System Wacher. And because I tried it with some malwares, including Rasomwares, and I responded well. and in the Malwarehub tests. I've seen the tests of @omidomi and it's going very well.


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Windows Defender for Windows 10
  • Integrated with Full Antivirus and Malware protection
  • Smartscreen protects Windows, Store apps and Edge browser (compatible with 3rd-party security)
  • Limit App installations options (may help improve device security on shared devices)
  • Built-in Firewall profiles for Private and Public networks
    • Advanced rules available (3rd-party WFP apps are easier to use)
  • Health reports for Device & Performance issues
    • Monitors Windows Updates, Storage, Drivers and Battery life
    • Online reports of connected devices (microsoft.com/devices)
  • Controls for Family accounts and Parental controls
  • User friendly - Minimal user interaction for beginners
  • Configurable - Options to protection settings, hide notifications etc.

  • Windows 10 Home has limitations
    • Advanced options are exclusive to Windows 10 Pro or higher (ie. Block-At-First Sight)
    • No Data Protection without BitLocker or compatible hardware (3rd-party apps available)
  • Major OS Upgrades required
    • Microsoft release major OS upgrades every March and September and may contain Defender upgrades.
    • New & Improved Features are only available in the latest stable builds
    • Not all PC users upgrade their OS, have Updates disabled or are running older versions
    • Security limited to Windows 10 devices only


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I say Avast it's a well rounded free solution that i used for years! But no matter which one you choose it will have disadvantages and advantages over each other.


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FINAL STANDINGS: Free Antivirus of the Year 2017

1st Place: Avast - 35.1% votes
2nd Place: Kaspersky - 33.0% votes
3rd Place: Windows Defender - 18.0% votes

Congratulations to these members for winning the bet poll : Winner beats second place by 1-5 votes
@jackuars Thank you! :D
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