Level 22
Malware Hunter
Less-confident users can try GRC | InSpectre which is only 125KB compared to G-Data's 750KB. Results should be the same as inputting the commands into Windows PowerShell method.
Obviously I'd rather rely on a pioneering company in security than that other company there, and the size of the tool in comparison is ridiculous, unless the user uses dial-up internet.

Mahesh Sudula

Level 16
Malware Tester
How could a 125 Kb tool out there can test the Roaring of a Pioneered company..(1GB)*.it's a complete trash
Grc fit for testing the firewall online with useless and piece of crap techniques..


Level 6
*** it! my motherboard model is old they havent update yet...

Most people will be forced to buy new whole pc, so it will be very painful because 80% of computers bein middle-age, the miserly motherboard creators will not solve the problem in the out-of-date pc's. then forced to hurry we will have to look for meltdown spectre customized firmware for old bios uefi from enthusiast analists, henceforth some we customers will have little faith about that reputable companies, even buying any futures computers ..