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FS Protection PC 17.7 releases

Release 17.7 beta 1 (4.20.936):
New features:
  • New settings dialog combines AV and common settings. You can open the settings dialog from all the same locations as before. You can always view settings without elevation but to change them you need to elevate. Help is missing for this release and will be added in the future releases.
  • Logout added to main UI. This will log you out from your current account and expire the client. You need to login again to use it. This is intended for use cases where you want to switch to a different account. There are black triangles in the Logout dialogs which is known issue and will be fixed in the next release.
  • Restart prompt now has dropdown to select when to remind again.
Fixed issues:
  • LOC: localized "Privacy" word with small mistake ("About" window). (SAFE_BUG-02726, PBL-4998)
  • Network installer didn't resume after sidegrade reboot (PBL-4959)
  • Title is truncated in network installer (PBL-4913)
  • SafeSearch not enabled when Parental Control enabled (PBL-4912)
  • Family rules guide poor translations (PBL-4671)
  • fsdiag does not collect the MSI log files properly (PBL-4660)
  • Help: Differences between 'wording' (term) under Help and under User Interface on current day. (SAFE_BUG-02640, PBL-4417)

FS Protection PC 17.7 releases