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Recent Malware Infection
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Thanks for the Welcome.

I'm actually an Old School Systems Developer and Two Time Graduate from the Old CHUBB Institute, where I earned a Computer Operations Degree in 1986 and ended up Running My Own IBM 370 with a Hardline from NJ to Denver as Systems Manager for International Multifoods NJ Distribution, then went back to CHUBB and as part of their Last Mainframe Class where we started with 58 Students and Graduated 8, I earned my Computer Programming Degree in 1993, worked at Nabisco Foodservice as a Systems Developer on the first NEC Pentium Laptops writing sales and inventory front ends for Salespeople in the field and moved on to Prudential Financial where I worked on systems and applications security for our Banking Transfer Systems and pretty much single handedly rewrote all the RAMIS Financial Reports converting them into Crystal Reports in 1998 -99 and ended up rewriting part of the Crystal Reports Applications to allow drill downs to verify the underlying numbers.
Hacking Applications into something with the features I needed used to be the fun part of all this and back then I had a Pirate Intranet setup across the Pru Servers just to make the little things easier.

Discovered the Java Vulnerabilities when My Home System was Breached from Blue-Win China while I was Writing Systems and testing Security for the Transfer of Monies left over from the day which would feed in from all the banks to our system and then transfer out to Invest Overnight in the Asian Markets where we made about $194,000,000.00 overnight on Interest.

Spent 4 Months Disassembling my home system and discovered the Java memory issues and how nothing was or could be secured and the Reality of Working at Pru to Secure Systems that I knew couldn't be was just too much and I walked away and ended up as Senior intranet developer for Arch Wireless creating a Support intranet that could handle 850,000 pagers worldwide.

I've watched privacy die and be replaced with Solar Panels from Petra Solar which each have a DC Powered Router that can Transmit and Receive on all Current Transmission Protocols, everything from Ez-Pass to Home WiFi to Device Mac-IDs and they can support the uplink of 6 Camera Live Feeds from Police Vehicles as well as connect the Microphone on the Poles System for Triangulating Gunshots called "ShotSpotter" which can also pick up conversations on the street and the New Streetlights such as are now in NYC which each have downward pointing Cameras and combine that with the Traffic and Security Cameras as well as the Data-Mining capabilities from Passive Collection of whatever is Transmitted, well all the devices and trackers people wear from Apple Phones to Fitbits to Cellphones which ping and is captured, well you can follow anyone all day long thru their device signatures so why worry about Privacy anymore.

My Windows 10 Machine has been one of those rollercoaster experiences where I disassembled a LENOVO i7 Desktop because I just couldn't get the friggin crapware out of it.

Now I've been out of the security game for a long time and need to get back to understanding what the hell is going on when I have 60 instances of SVCHOST.EXE running which concerns me so I'm here hoping to understand all this and get back into Coding.

Its Been Much too Long . . .


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Please note it has no https server
even windows update uses http connections. Recently I was doing some packet capturing then I noticed it. & I believe microsoft uses http connection for its telemetry also. I don't think we should worry about a random website which uses http connection. Is it though? It's worrisome for sure. But why MS doesn't worry,then:rolleyes::unsure::confused:.
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