Getty Images bans AI-generated content over fears of legal challenges


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Jun 7, 2022
Getty Images has banned the upload and sale of illustrations generated using AI art tools like DALL-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion.
It’s the latest and largest user-generated content platform to introduce such a ban, following similar decisions by sites including Newgrounds, PurplePort, and FurAffinity.

Getty Images CEO Craig Peters told The Verge that the ban was prompted by concerns about the legality of AI-generated content and a desire to protect the site’s customers.
“There are real concerns with respect to the copyright of outputs from these models and unaddressed rights issues with respect to the imagery,
the image metadata and those individuals contained within the imagery,” said Peters.
Given these concerns, he said, selling AI artwork or illustrations could potentially put Getty Images users at legal risk.
“We are being proactive to the benefit of our customers,” he added.
One of Getty Images’ biggest competitors, Shutterstock, seems to be limiting some searches for AI content but hasn’t yet introduced specific policies banning the material.
Other platforms have removed AI imagery for reasons other than protecting customers.
Furry-focused social art site FurAffinity, for example, said it banned AI artwork because it undermines the work of human artists.


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